Meet our four-legged therapists! SDTR's horses are carefully chosen and trained to work with new riders and remain cool and calm in lessons. Each has his or her own personality, and participants often form a bond with the horses they ride.

Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka is a 21-year-old American Racking Horse gelding who came to the program in August 2008. He is a handsome Palomino color with a long flaxen mane and tail and has a heart of gold! Willy is a very friendly, curious and trustworthy fellow. He has an irreplaceable temperament which allows us to put just about any rider on his back for him to smoothly and happily carry. He is the size and build we were looking for so we are grateful to have found him. Plus, everyone just loves his name!
Stormy is a Quarter Horse gelding in his mid-20s. Stormy was formerly loaned to us by his previous owners but then was donated to the program in November 2015. Stormy's smaller build makes him a perfect fit for our riders who require a narrower base. Stormy is very patient and responsive to our riders. He quietly stands still as riders play 'horseketball' or reach for stuffed animals on the posts.
Portrait is a 11-year-old Standardbred gelding who came to the program in August 2016. Portrait is a former harness race horse who is now onto his second career as a therapy horse. Portrait is a very sociable, playful and willing guy. He's great for our riders who are learning to be more independent. Portrait's thin build makes him a perfect fit for our riders who require a narrower base. We are so grateful to have him apart of our herd and are hopeful he will have a long career as a four-legged therapist with us!
He's wonderful at showing beginner riders the way but also for our riders who are just beginning to take the step to ride independently.
Ashley was formerly trained to be a harness race horse but never made it to the competitive racetrack. She then became a momma to several babies. Ashley is very sweet, patient and has a laid-back temperament.
Leo is a great teacher for beginner riders who are just starting to learn the ropes and independent riders who are learning more advanced skills.
Annie is a little chestnut mare in her mid-teens who has been a part of SDTR since January 2019. We think she is a Quarter Horse cross.
Molly is a 12-year-old mare pony who has been a part of SDTR for about 2½ years now. Molly is an ambassador for our school, camp and community programs. She is very sweet, patient, easy going and she loves attention. Molly is just the right height for kids and for our riders who use wheelchairs. She is used for leading, grooming, learning about horse parts and fun activities. Because of her height and temperament, she is also great with our riders who are not quite comfortable around the bigger horses yet. She allows people to pet and groom her while she patiently stands and lets riders begin to feel comfortable. She is a favorite of many and we are glad to have this little mare on the farm!
Lydia is a 22-year-old Oldenburg mare who has been a part of SDTR since November 2018. Lydia is a former Hunter Jumper, who after being retired from the show ring was bred to have a beautiful foal.
She instills confidence and brings smiles to everyone that comes in contact with her.
Angel is a gray mini mare in her early 20s. Angel is beautiful with a flowing mane, forelock and tail. She is always turning heads with her stunning good looks. She is extremely sweet and can be ridden and handled by our youngest riders. Angel enjoys being groomed by our riders and is a perfect size for those who are wheel chair users. She builds confidence in those riders who are first timid around the horses. Her size and quiet temperament puts everyone at ease as they get used to being around horses. Angel loves her best friend Nayah and always wants to be by her side!