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About SDTR lessons

SDTR equine-assisted therapy consists of 30-60 minute lessons of one-on-one instruction with a PATH-certified riding instructor. Instructors create a safe and supportive atmosphere and make lessons fun and interesting for everyone. Trained volunteers assist during the lessons.

Each participant receives lessons tailored to his or her goals and progress. 

Instructors focus on improving balance, flexibility and strength, and increasing confidence and concentration. The achievements of SDTR participants are tangible and life changing.

Other participants work with the instructor and therapy horse on the ground, learning about horse anatomy and behavior, caring for and working around these large animals, and handling the equipment used for grooming and riding.

To enroll with SDTR:

Thank you so much for your interest in SDTR! To enroll, please fill out an application. Thank you!

  • Step One: The Student Application and the Physician's Statement must be completed.
  • Step Two: Contact SDTR when your application is complete.
  • Step Three: Evaluation will be set up. This will usually entail riding.
  • Step Four: Participant will be assigned a schedule.