Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding (SDTR) knows the best stories come from the source, of course, and that’s always a faithful, hard-working Horse. And a dedicated Rider. And a nurturing Instructor. So, we headed to the stable! 

We asked SDTR Riders, Horses and Instructors to share their stories to show how your support can empower a difference in the lives of Riders like Alyssa, her favorite Horses Lydia and Sol and their Instructor Keith.

IMG 8364Rider: Alyssa Hudson

Q. Who is your favorite Horse and why?

My favorite horses are Lydia and Sol, I can’t choose just one!

Q. What do you like best about being with Lydia and Sol?

When I ride Lydia, I get a good stretch and I’m more balanced when I ride her. Sol is very calm, and his gait is very smooth. He’s thinner than Lydia so it’s easier to get on and off him. Sol also has very curly hair and his hooves look like he’s wearing fuzzy socks in the winter! Riding Sol is relaxing.

Q. How do Lydia and Sol make you feel?   

Lydia and Sol are my friends. I can tell they are happy to see me. Sol has a busy tail, and he is always hitting everyone with it! Lydia is calm, and she always nuzzles me when I say goodbye.

Horses: Lydia and Sol

Q. What do you like best about being with Alyssa?

No one loves horses more than Alyssa. She really enjoys coming to see us and her time riding!

Q. How does Alyssa make you feel?

Special! Knowing how much she loves to ride us makes us love our job!

Instructor: Keith McDonald

Q. What have you learned working with Alyssa, Lydia and Sol? 

I have learned that Alyssa will accept any challenge I ask of her with a big smile on her face. Such a “CAN DO” attitude. She is one of the most “gracious” riders that I have had the pleasure of working with.


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