Through your generous contributions, we raised $57,000 to support the programs at SDTR.

Here are some photos from the event held on May 6th, 2023:

SDT 8387

Support the Herd: Sue Peters and Lisa Hamilton

SDT 8402 1

Table 13: Jessica Hudson, Alyssa Hudson, Kieth McDonald Mike Summerlin

SDT 8403 1

Food Servers: (Camp Rehoboth) Dottie Outland Lillian Berenberg, Maureen McCullough 

SDT 8413 1

Parking Attendents: Craig Thalman & Rich Stout

SDT 8422 1

Horse Race Game

SDT 8429 1

Food Tables 

SDT 8434

Merchandise Table: Gail Bashohwitz Maureen Finney

SDT 8440

Deb Blatt

SDT 8442

Emcee: Mallory Metzner

SDT 8447

SDT 8461

SDT 8472

Parade of Horses