Goings On Around
the Farm
How Can We
Help You?
How Can You
Help SDTR?

SDTR Community:

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been an unprecedented attack on our Nation and Community’s everyday routines and lives.  Our social interactions, economic livelihoods, and health and wellness circumstances have all been turned upside down.  We have all been affected in so many ways, and our SDTR Community is no different.  

In the early March days of the outbreak, the SDTR Board took the unfortunate, but necessary steps to stop our normal lesson schedule.  We implemented the State of Delaware and other respected partners’ guidelines on safe, essential only activities.  We communicated best practice operating and safety procedures.  Likewise, we have made every attempt to ensure the continued future success of the SDTR Program that is so dear to us all.

The SDTR Board of Directors and fantastic volunteers have been working diligently on essential activities that have kept the Barn running, including taking care of our horses, goats, and cat; making sure our wonderful facility stays in great condition; creating non-traditional program opportunities that our participants and riders can enjoy and grow from; and developing strategies and plans for key financial decision making related to paying the bills in the short term and being fiscally stable in the long run.

While we continue to live through these difficult days, it has become increasingly apparent that SDTR’s success has been and will continue to be a Community effort.  SDTR’s success is “SDTR Community!”  Our commitment to our Community in the coming weeks will center on three primary messages.  

“Goings on Around the Farm!”

“How Can SDTR Help You?

“How Can You Help SDTR?”

The path forward is not charted from experience.  We welcome your thoughts, ideas, and participation.  SDTR’s continued success will again be thanks to “SDTR Community.”  Each of us plays such an important role at SDTR, but the Power of “SDTR Community” will continue to make SDTR GREAT!  

Scott D. Swingle

SDTR Board of Directors – President